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For investors:
StartUp Glade offers investors a co-investment opportunity. Here you can make deposits into ideas at a high interest rate turned by StartUp Glade into startups to be sold to mentors. To do this, you only need a computer and internet access.

StartUp Glade will become your reliable partner in the long-term business

The StartUp Glade team is a part of the LLC PF Startup - is a professional market participant with an investment license granted by the Polish Economic Department. The company is a reputable expert in the investment, startup, and idea implementation industries, it manages a large number of various local projects participating in these as a strategic partner.

Invest in promising startups with StartUp Glade's Investment club

Investment Club

The company buys the idea from the developer. To implement the idea, the company uses funds from the Investment Club. And as soon as possible we develop an idea and bring it to the stage of a startup that is ready for sale. The company is funding ideas for both micro-business and global development startups.

Our agents, in more than fifteen countries of the world, find hundreds of ideas, and we select the best of them and implement them in startups.

The company has the support of fund partners who are interested in good ideas and startups created on their basis.

It's easy to earn money with StartUp Glade’s Investment Club!

Our Advantages

You just need to register, choose a suitable investment option and start to getting daily profit, also you can attract a participant using your referral link. After activate a deposit, next day, you will start making a daily profit in the club.

How to start earning with Investment Club

Make ideas work for you

StartUp Glade implements great ideas for great projects! After idea will be turned into a startup that will be attractive for investors and has already been estimated to be tens or hundreds of times more expensive.


Registration with Investment Club

Registration is free and will take no more than a minute. Anyone who has reached adulthood can become a member. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps that will lead you to stable income.


Choosing a direction and investment duration

We have developed balanced deposit packgaes on the basis of which we offer cooperation to investors. You can learn about them and choose the best option for yourself. Deposits will be used by the company according to the direction.


Profit and funds withdrawal

Profits will be automatically received on your balance in a Personal Account. You can get yor profit anytime or it will be withdrawed to the payment system automatically with deposit amount at the end of the validity period. We use the payment protection system by Sectigo, after checking by system, the profit will be withdrawn instant.


Partner program and bonuses

With the unique conditions of cooperation of the company, anyone can get a high profit from attracting participants to the Investment Club. Partner bonuses are available after the deposit is activated and replenished by the partner you have invited.

Profit from the best ideas!

Opportunities to get profit with StartUp Glade's Investment Club

Cash Gap

25 - 250 $

A short-term investment to fuel crowdinvesting

25$ - 250$ Deposit

0.9%Daily profit*

10 Days

Deposit payback

24/7 Unlimited Support

Financing Ideas

100$ - 5000$


This is a perfect choice to get profit from the ideas

100$ - 5000$Deposit

1.5% Daily profit*

30 Days

Deposit payback

24/7 Unlimited Support

Financing Startups

1000$ - 50 000$

This is a perfect choice to get profit from the startups

1000$ - 50 000$Deposit

1.8% Daily profit*

60 Days

Deposit payback

24/7 Unlimited Support

* - The investment results depend on individual characteristics and may vary for each client.

Our company is ready to offer profitable investment options or turn your idea into a startup!

Invite a partner and you will get a bonuses from each of his/her deposits

Partner Program

For the getting first referral level, activate the minimum deposit and start to invite your partners

LevelConditions1 line2 line3 line4 line5 line
Participant Activate the minimum deposit 5 % 3 % 2 % 1 % 1 %
Manager With a turnover of more than $5000 or personal investment $500 7 % 3 % 2 % 2 % 1 %
Lider With a turnover of more than $50000 or personal investment $5000 9 % 4 % 3 % 2 % 1 %
Representative With a turnover of more than $100000 or personal investment $10000 10 % 5 % 4 % 3 % 2 %

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