StartUp Glade

It’s is a bridge between those who want to create their project and experienced investors who are ready not only to finance an idea but also to be its mentors!

Sell your idea or invest in promising startups with us and become a successful entrepreneur!

We Are StartUp Glade

It’s is a bridge between those who want to create their project and experienced investors who are ready not only to finance an idea but also to be its mentors.

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Who We Are

StartUp Glade implements great ideas for great projects! Your idea will be turned into a startup that will be attractive for investors and has already been estimated to be tens or hundreds of times more expensive.


We consider ideas

We select the most promising ideas suggested by participants who are top global accelerators. Our team explores the largest platforms, patent agencies, and idea portals. In the beginning stage, it is important to perform a comprehensive analysis of an idea and market capabilities and make sure that a certain business idea is capable of fulfilling respective tasks.


We turn an Idea into a Startup

What about developers and idea inventors? We buy 70-80% of shares, since the idea it self is worth nothing without further implementation. It takes 30-90 days to prepare an idea for what can be called a startup with a proper business plan, prototype, idea protection documents, business model, etc. And a simply cool idea becomes a ready-made startup, that is attractive for mentors.


Getting Profit

We sell 2/3 of stakes in a startup that wIn this stage, we cover all our preparation costs, operating costs, return deposits and interests due thereon to private investors and get a profit. During 6-18 months, we receive a net income in the form of dividends from the remaining stake in a project, and then we sell it when the price is at its peak.


Legal Support for Idea Inventors

After selling a startup that has already become attractive, the idea inventor receives dividends that are greater than the initial price of the idea. He is offered one of management positions in a business that his startup has turned into. Besides, we provide legal assistance in all these processes protecting our client’s interests.

There are no bad ideas, there is a wrong implementation! Click here and start getting profit!


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What We Offer

Our clients can be both entrepreneurs with their own ideas and investors investing in other people's startups.

Company for all startup market participants, in particular, developers, private investors, and professional mentors

Why StartUp Glade

By connecting to StartUp Glade - startup-platform you will enjoy comprehensive support of our specialists. We will help you turn your idea into a promising startup, we will offer the best investment options for you, minimize your risks and garantied to you success.

Individual approach

Choosing the best solution for your tasks and budget. Total information support to all clients of the company.

5 years of successful work in business

StartUp Glade's team started out as a subsidiary of a large business development investment fund. Today, StartUp Glade cooperates with a large number of venture and seed funds, startup portals.

Professional team

Company's database includes over a hundred promising investment-attractive projects related to various industries from different countries. Experienced mentors help to get profit from each realized idea.

Range of all services

The company offers comprehensive solutions for businesses and investors from startup registration to getting maximum profit. StartUp Glade facilitates entrepreneurs to quickly find first investments for their projects, helps investors invest effectively and make a profit.

Business directions

We take Ideas in the most promising directions. Such as beauty industry, internet safety, e-sports, micromobility, AI and machine learning, solutions for businesses.

Security and anonymity

We will ensure the security for your projects and ideas and take steps to protect owners privacy. Comprehensive legal support for participants of Idea Club and security of deposits for participants of Investment Club.

Profit from the best ideas!

Become a partner company in the implementation of startups!


25 000 $

Digital Assistent

Industry sector:
Internet, IT

Project Stage:
Ready Prototype or Product

889 from 1000

Sales Start Date:


64 000 $

GPS module, navigation

Industry sector:
Internet and IT, AI

Project Stage:
Ready Prototype or Product

802 from 1000

Sales Start Date:


80 000 $

Online service for outdoor advertising

Industry sector:
Information and Media

Project Stage:
Ready Prototype or Product

885 from 1000

Sales Start Date:

Ideas embodied in a profitable business

Our latest projects implemented

We offer unlimited solutions to all your business needs. in the installation package we prepare search engine optimization, social media support, we provide corporate identity and graphic design services.

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